Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ghostrider Notebook

Friday’s Game
The Ghostriders will play the Columbia Valley Rockies Friday, this will the third time this year these two teams have played but only the first time they have played here in Fernie. On September 10th the Riders lost 3-1 in Invermere and on October 16th the Riders won 4-2.

The Columbia Valley Rockies have had a tough start, they have a 3-8-0 record and 2 OT losses, the last one was in Nelson last Saturday when they lost 3-2 to the Leafs. The Rockies star goalie Connor McKay has kept them in most games this year and was great in the two previous Rider games. The Rockies will play Kimberley Saturday at home in Invermere.

Last Weekend
The Ghostriders won both of their games last weekend are on a 5 game win streak and sit comfortably in third place in the division.

In the Spokane game the Riders scored 4 third period goals for a 5-0 win and a Brandon Youngson shutout. Keagan Kingwell, Mitch Titus, Alex Cheveldave, Ty Abbott and Justin Peers scored the goals.

On Saturday in Elkford Ryan Kennedy’s second goal was the game winner, Keagan Kingwell scored the other goal in the 3-2 win against Grand Forks. Brandon Butler had the win in net.

Ghostrider Notebook
Top scorer Mitch Titus had a goal and 2 assists against Spokane but was shutout in the Grand Forks game breaking his 10 game scoring streak.

After the weekend the Riders are now +9 in the goals for vs against category, have 15 PP goals,16 against, 3 shorthanded goals and their penalty kill is middle of the pack at a dead even 80%.

D-man Alex Cheveldave has a 6 game point streak going but is listed as day to day with an injury. Hope he gets well enough to play in BV Saturday.

D-man Keagan Kingwell had 2 goals and an assist last weekend and was named as the Tim Horton's Player of the Week, he is tied with Cheveldave with 8 points for the top scoring D.

Ty Abbott scored his first junior goal last week against Spokane, a little confidence should help him now.

With 2 goals vs the Bruins Ryan Kennedy with 9 goals in 13 games has the most  goals, Mitch Titus has 8,Tayler Sincennes 7 and Justin Peers 6.

The emerging Trevor Broad was the McDonald's Practice Player of the Week.

The Riders have 4 twenty year old’s thus have one open 96 spot if something comes up.

The Riders are in Beaver Valley Saturday to play the first place Hawks. This will be a great test for the Riders who have wins against the Murdoch Division's Rebels and Bruins... but they are not the perennial first place Hawks who won that division last year.  
The Hawks game was a scheduled radio broadcast but was cancelled last week, you can watch the Hawks with a couple of pretty good and sometimes hilarious play by play guys on the webcast on the main KIJHL site

Rec Director Lloyd Smith was out retrieving pucks and helping with the nets before the Rider game,he just jumped up a few rungs in the humble and respect ladder in my eyes. I can think of  more than one director who wouldn't be caught dead  on the ice doing manual labour.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Round the Division

Around the Division

The first place Creston Thunder Cats have 24 points and a 11-0-1-1 record to go along with their 65 goals scored but oddly enough they have had problems with the last place 3-11 Golden Rockets who have scored less than half (23) the amount of goals. Creston only won 2-1 at home 3-2 in Golden last weekend. A squared + B squared don’t always = C squared… like I ever done algebra before. Creston will play Beaver Valley Friday then play Nelson Saturday.

Creston and Fernie are both on a 5 game win streak and Kimberley is on a 4 gamer. The Nitro’s who are in second with 22 points helped out last Friday when they engaged the Border Bruins in the always amusing multiple fights at the same stoppage of play in their 9-3 home ice win in Kimbo… and both coaches and a couple of players were suspended, so Bruins Head Coach Emery Olauson was not on the bench in Elkford for the 3-2 loss. Kimberley plays Nelson Friday then go to Invermere on Saturday. The Bruins were short 3 players in total due to suspensions last Saturday but get em back this weekend. Will they be wearing these hats 

The Columbia Valley Rockies have had a tough start and have a 3-8-0 record with 2 OT losses, the last one was in Nelson last Saturday when they lost 3-2 in OT. The Rockies play here in Fernie Friday night then host Kimberley Saturday.

And finally, Golden with their 3-11 record are only 2 points behind the Rockies for the final playoff spot. They play in Spokane Friday and in Grand Forks who went from first to third in the last couple of weeks and will be angry, on Saturday.

The Riders are in Beaver Valley to play the first place Hawks Saturday, and it’s not a scheduled radio broadcast game… the game in Elkford was a scheduled game but there was no phone line in Elkford so we had no broadcast.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Last games and Ghostrider Notebook

Friday’s Game
The Spokane Braves are in Fernie Friday night and they will be hungry for a win after losing 7-2 to Kimberley and 4-1 in Nelson last weekend. The Braves are only 4-10 but they have some firepower, their top two scorers are two Spokane locals, Paxton Malone and Mason Jones, and they lead all KIJHL scorers with 23 points each. 
The Riders played in Spokane on October 7th and the Braves defeated the Ghostriders by a 5-4 score despite being outshot 53-30. 

Saturday's Game
The Riders play Emery Olauson and his Grand Forks Border Bruins Saturday night in Elkford, they are one of the top scoring teams in the league and play in the always tough Neil Murdoch Division. The Bruins on a 3 game losing streak will get softened up even more in Kimberley Friday night.

The Ghostriders played in Grand Forks on October 8th and won 4-3 when Aidan Wilson scored in double overtime for the win.

Last Weekend
The Ghostriders are on a 3 game win streak and won both games last weekend. They beat Golden 7-0 and defeated the Rockies 4-2 on the road in Invermere.

Tayler Sincennes with 3 goals and an assist in the 7-0 win over Golden was named as the Tim Horton's Player of the Week.  Ryan Kennedy pitched in with a goal and 2 assists, Evan Traverse, Joey Stensland and Ty Carron scored the other goals and Brandon Butler had the shutout, his second in a row vs Golden.

On Saturday in Invermere Justin Peers scored 2 goals and Mitch Titus scored 2 power play goals for a 4-2 win. Brandon Butler got the win in net his 6th of the season.

Ghostrider Notebook
Kevin Pierce and Evan Traverse will finish their suspensions from the Golden game Friday night and will be able to play on Saturday in Elkford. They were suspended 2 games each along with 2 Rockets and both coaches (1game each) because of multiple fights at the same stoppage of play. The league doesn't like two or more fights at the same time... cause the fans don't know which one to watch ? The fights started after Pierce was hit from behind by the frustrated Rockets who were getting schooled in every part of the game.  The referee called 3 fights and Trevor Broad was the first fight so he wasn’t suspended… another ref may have just given ruffing or chocolates to the other participants and no suspensions, but that’s the way it goes.

The Rider game wasn’t the only penalty filled game, Summerland and Revelstoke also duked it out (check out the 2nd period here) and a few other teams also had their share of PIM’s as well, all in all 16 suspensions were issued after last weekend’s games… you couldn’t tell here in Fernie with all the rain, but it was a full moon, at least according to the bloodstains, I mean calendar.

Both James Ouimet and former Rider D-man Jake MacLachlan ran the bench in Invermere and got the big win taking the Riders just above .500 with 13 of a possible 24 points.

 After last weekend Mitch Titus led the Riders in scoring with 15 points, he has had at least 1 point in all but two games this season and was on a 9 game point streak. Mitch Titus, Ryan Kennedy and Justin Peers each had 7 goals after last weekend. 

Rider C & D Alex Cheveldave quietly has a 4 game point streak going along with a decent 61 PIM. 

Rookie Mike Dyck had 3 assists in Invermere and isn't Mr Lagace a solid contender.

Ty Abbot was the McDonald's Practice Player of the Week, coach Mohr says Abbot is a player to watch as he gets used to the league.
The boys play Columbia Valley here in Fernie next Friday 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saturday's Game in Invermere


Riders win but lose as well

The Riders led 1-0 at the end of the first 5-0 at the end of the second and blasted the Rockets 7-0.

Tayler Sincennes scored 3 goals and added an assist while Ryan Kennedy chipped in with a goal and 2 assists. Brandon Butler stopped 17 for the shutout. Rocket star goalie Owen Sikkes was Sikked out of the net at the end of the second so the Riders scored two on Grobowsky.

The boys made some great passes on a few of the goals Sincennes, Lagace, Siebel, come to mind in that department. They also kept to their game plan and helped Butler get his shutout, unlike in the Castlegar game a few weeks ago.

The frustrated Rocket's Ethan Brock hit Evan Traverse from behind in the third that saw Nolan Lagace,Trevor Broad and  Kevin Pierce all get charged with fighting although most of it was wrestling. That will mean Broad and Pierce along with 2 Rockets and both coaches will get suspended ...if the fights were listed in the correct order, or if the referee changes his mind on a couple of the fights and they end up as ruffing calls.

After that Rocket Carter Vouri got his 36th PIM but got away with out what would have been his second suspension when he elbowed Derek Green in the head, and was only given  2 minutes instead of 5 prompting a few words to Rocket coach Jason Stephens  about controlling his players from the Riders bench.

We will see later today what the suspensions will be but the KIJHL doesn't show the coach suspensions for some reason (the backlash ?) anyway here is the game sheet , but it could get changed and possibly they will just suspend one coach... but I doubt it.

With the shutout, his second in a row vs Golden

In other news Kimberley rolled over Spokane 7-2 and Creston pounded the Rockies 7-0

Summerland beat Princeton 7-2 with this call that you don't see very often anymore
Summerland Steam at 17:00 - Morey Babakaiff for Staged Fight (10 Min.)
Princeton Posse at 17:00 - Nicholas Graham for Game Misconduct (10 Min.)
Princeton Posse at 17:00 - Nicholas Graham for Staged Fight (10 Min.)

Kootenay Conference: Eddie Mountain Division
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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ghostrider Notebook

Friday’s Game

The Ghostriders play the Golden Rockets right here in Fernie this Friday, this is the second time these two teams have played each other. The Riders Brandon Butler shut the Rockets out 2-0 in Golden  September 30th. 

The Rockets have Sikked out a few teams.
Golden has been one of the better defensive teams and have    allowed just 29 goals... but they have had problems scoring and have  only scored 19. Credit Rockets goalie Owen Sikkes for a lot of that...he always gives them a chance to win. For the record The Ghostriders have scored 31 goals but have allowed 37. The biggest difference, Golden has played 7 home games... the Riders 2.

The Rockets lost 4-3 to the Rockies last Friday then 2-1 against the first place Thunder Cats in Creston despite the fact they were outshot 41-21. When the Riders won in Golden they also outshot the Rockets 37-14 but could only score two goals as well. 

The Ghostriders played two games last weekend they lost 5-4 in Spokane then won 4-3 in double OT vs Grand Forks. The Riders gave up three third period goals in the loss. If there was a bright spot it was that the Riders outshot Spokane 53-30. Brandon Youngson was in net in Spokane.

In Grand Forks Aidan Wilson scored the OT game winner after the Bruins tied the game with less than a second on the clock. Brandon Butler stoped 41for the big win giving the Riders a 3-4-0-1 road record.

On Saturday the Riders play in Columbia Valley for the second time this year. Fernie lost 3-1 in Invermere Sept 10th.
The Rockies stunned Kimberley last weekend beating them 3-2 despite being outshot 50-20 thanks to game star Connor McKay in net.

Ghostrider Notebook
Ryan Kennedy  had 5 goals and 2 assists in his last 3 games including 2 shorthanded goals in Spokane and is now closing in on top scorer  Mitch Titus with11 points in 10 games and a 7 game point streak going on.

Evan Traverse scored his first goal in Grand Forks.

Justin Garcia (2000) has decided to play midget this year and has left the team.

Coach Mohr says Trevor Broad had a good weekend and has been playing well lately.

Coach Mohr also says his special teams guys are starting to get it together and had a good run in the Forks stopping the top scoring team 10 of 12 times on the penalty kill while going 2-8 on the PP themselves.

D Tristan Downe was injured in the pre-season but is recovering right on schedule and is a possibility this weekend but more likely for next weekend. 

Some real good news now... Former D-man Jake MacLachlan collapsed while running in a race in the summer but is back on his feet again and is helping out as an assistant coach for the rest of the season.

Some other teams were hootin and hollerin on Twitter about the annoying 1 minute time outs every period instituted by the KIJHL... not just me here  in my distasteful chimp joke post from last week. But those who have been  reading these rantings for any length of time weren't at all surprised by the sarcasm...the other writers hope to get somewhere so they use the so called kid gloves when talking about the league. But unfortunately, I'm already exactly where I want to be... and hope for no advancement.

The Riders play Spokane here in Fernie next Friday then play Grand Forks in Elkford next Saturday. See you at the zoo I mean rink.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Referee Clinics

Elk Valley Minor Hockey will be hosting two Referee’s clinics Saturday October 15th at the Elkford Arena, and Saturday November 12th at the Sparwood Rec Center.
To register, you MUST go to www.BCHockey.net and sign up prior to the clinic date. You’ll need a pencil, pen and paper to participate. Please bring a lunch, skates, a helmet (without a cage) and if possible a whistle. Minor Hockey is willing to reimburse the cost of the clinic. Good way for anyone 12 years and older to earn money and get some exercise. Exceptional opportunities for female officials. No experience needed, just a love of Hockey. For more information go to
Contact Dwight Kerkhoven @ 250-425-2234 (H), 250-910-1197 (C) either refereed@shaw.ca or evmha-RefinChief@hotmail.com