Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Notes from October 17th-PP's bars gym equipment and the usual drivel

Ghostrider Notes Oct 17th

The Riders lived and died via the power play last weekend. On Friday in a 3-3 tie vs the Rockies the boys scored three, Brendan Nemes had 2 and Keelan Saworski had 1. On Saturday in a 4-2 loss the Border Bruins had 3 and the Riders just 1 (Kevin Pierce) . 

If it means anything... the Riders had more shots in both games, 44-36 Friday and  34-26 Saturday.

With 7 goals and 4 assists in 7 games Keelan Saworski now leads the team in scoring, he has had at least a point in every game and at least 1 goal in his last 6. He was the Tim Horton's Player of the Week too.

Titus brothers took somewhat of a beating this weekend, Mitch got in front a hard chest high shot that hobbled him late in Friday’s game to help preserve at least a tie (and 1 point) and Owen left Saturday’s game with a leg injury and is now out for 8 weeks.

The 16 year old watch...D man Shaun Pierce is out for likely another week or so with an injury but speedy Ethan Jang is still chugging along with 3G 2A... I keep hearing shoot the f**8 puck chants from the crowds...a possibly even speedier Jordan Kromm (18yrs) also gets the same coaching from the stands.

Rider GM Craig Mohr has brought in defenceman  Eric Welford. Eric is 18 and was in the SJHL to start the season and played AAA Midget in Medicine Hat last year. Welford will wear # 26.

What that means is a defensemen may end up on the wing, Kyle Haugo has done that before and Coach Mohr says Gregg Susinski (McDonald's Practice Player of the Week) has also patrolled the wings in the past as well. Me I eat em... my favourite gym equipment, the snack bar.

Both Grand Forks and Fernie wore their pink jerseys in the warmup Saturday night then had their picture taken as a group at the end of the warmup. You don’t see that kind of thing very often. Border Bruin HC and GM Emery Olauson has sure done a great job in the Forks who are now tied for first over all in the KI with 19 points... they're not your fathers Bruins anymore.

Remember you can still bid on a jersey, just go the the Ghostrider website and click on the jersey on the RH side.

Over 500 in Elkford Friday
night, it sure turned out to be a well received game. We tried to keep the twitter feed going in Elkford but my iPhone wasn’t so smart and there was a poor signal at my end of the rink... I saw more bars in Cardston when I was there.

The Riders are in Invermere Friday and it is a scheduled radio broadcast game with Josh Hoffman at the mike...then on Saturday they host Spokane right here in Fernie. 

The Kimberley Dynamiters are now millionaires via Mike Gould who grew up in Kimberley and just gave $7.5 million to the Dynamiters and KMHA.  It's part of some money that he won in the  EuroMillions lottery  in 2008. They will be a first place team for ever... even with just using the interest. The New York Rangers before the salary cap era?

The boys helped out one time Spiritus award winner Pat Gilmar build some bike-hike trails last week.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Kimberley is the only Eddie Mountain team to win Saturday

Grand Forks 4 @ Fernie 2 

In Fernie the Bruins scored 3 PP goals, Trey Mason had 3 assists and Ross King stopped 32 shots  in net giving the Bruins their 19th point and 1st place in their division. 
Att 450

Kimberley 8 @ Golden 5

In Golden the Nitro's Brock Palmer scored 4 goals had  1 assist and Matt Davies had 3 points as the Dynamiters get their 9th win of the season. Att 157

Beaver Valley 4 @ Columbia Valley 0

In Invermere Owen Sikkes stopped all 35 Rockies shots for his 3rd shutout of the season... and it's still October.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Riders Rockies tie while Kimberley and Creston win.

Columbia Valley 3 @ Fernie 3 (In Elkford)

In Elkford the Ghostriders scored 3 power play goals and outshot the Rockies 44-31 but CVR Robert Butterwick (1G 1A ) tied the game halfway through the third giving the Rockies a point.
FGR's Brendan Nemes scored 2 G 1A and Mitch Titus had 3 A.
Fernie's Broc Merkl and Rockies Ben Kelsch were in net.

We couldn't tweet the game sheet as the internet connection at the Elkford arena was poor... there were more bars in Cardston than at the arena.
520 fans at the game

Grand Forks 2 @ Kimberley 7

In Kimberley Nic Ketola had 2 goals and Cody Campbell had the win in net as the Nitro's blast the Bruins 7-2 and shutout their top two scorers Robertson and Mason along the way. Att 607

Spokane 0 @ Creston 7

In Creston the Bryce Storm scored a pair of goals and Jaysen MacLean had the shutout in net. The shots were 40-23 CVT. Att 381

Beaver Valley 2 @ Golden 1

In Golden it took Dylan Heppler's  OT goal to give the Hawks their 7th win. Liam Coulter was in the BV net and Colton Iwaschuk stoped 41 in the Rocket net getting them to OT for a point in the standings.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Creston is the only Eddie Mountain team to win Saturday night in the KIJHL

Fernie 1 @ Castlegar 7

In Castlegar John Moller scored 4 goals Vince Bitonti had 5A and Curt Doyle had the win in net as the Rebels blast the Riders 7-1.

Kimberley 2 @ Grand Forks 4

In Grand Forks KI scoring leader Jordan Robertson had the game winner and an assist and Trey Mason who is in second place had 2 goals in their 4-2 win. Knute Loe had the win in net. 
Shots 37-47 KD

Creston 5 @ Columbia Valley 4 OT

In Invermere Justin James' 3rd goal was in OT and it was the game winner. James also had an assist and Levi Mitchell had the win in net.

The shots were 56-32 Creston and Ben Kelsch was in the Rockies net. 

Golden 1 @ Beaver Valley 5

In BV Dylan Heppler had 2 goals as the Hawks get their 3rd win in a row and outshot Golden 43-17 as well.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Friday Night in the Eddie Mountain Div.

Columbia Valley 7 @ Fernie 4

In Fernie Mike Dyck scored 3 goals 1 assist and the Rockies rolled over the Ghostriders 7-4 for their second W in a row putting them into  2nd place in the the Div. 

The Rockies went 3-6 and Fernie went 2-7 on the PP
Parker Waseylenko had the W in net and 555 fans were at the game.
Shots 39-29 FG

Kimberley 7 @ Spokane 2

In Spokane James Farmer and Matt Davies each had 2G and 1A and Nick Ketola had 3 A for the Nitro's 4th win in a row. 
Kimberley went 3-10 on the PP while Spokane was 1-5.

Castlegar  5 @ Creston 3

In Creston Everett Hicks (GWG) had 2 goals and an assist for the Rebel's big road win. Curt Doyle had the W in net and the  shots were 45-26 Creston.

Golden 4 @ Grand Forks 7

In Grand Forks Jordan Robertson had his 23 point with a pair of goals and 3 assists and Trey Mason (20 pts) had a G and 2 A  .The Bruins now have 13 points, tied for first with Nelson.

With the Kimberley win they now have 14 points, the Rockies have jumped into second with 8 points while Creston and Fernie each have 7. Golden has 3 points so far in this young...but starting to age, season. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Rider Notebook Oct 2nd

Friday’s Game
Friday the Columbia Valley Rockies are in town for the first time this year. So far the Rockies have a 2-4-2 record and 6 points. Last weekend they won 5-4 in overtime against Spokane and tied in Creston  4-4.

The Rockies got off to a poor start but have been winning games of late and according to the game sheets  play reasonably hard style of game accumulating 195 PIM's, they are no Kelowna Chiefs or anything with 344 and an amusing 1733 last season, but they're off to a good start. The Riders are at 117 and counting so far.

We would tell you how many PIM's the Riders had last season but all our twenty year olds have been removed from last year's stat page See here   and Fernie is not the only team missing part of their history... but no one cares... even though they should be outraged.

The Ghostriders played two tough home games last weekend against a pair of good skating teams in Beaver Valley and Castlegar and came away with two wins. 6-4 and 4-3.

With the wins Riders are now on a three game win streak and  come into the weekend in 3rd place with 7 points in 7 games. They will have to play the Rebels and their 62 PP goals Saturday, but this time in Castlegar. It is not a scheduled radio broadcast game.

The Ghostriders have 51 PPG and the Rockies have 24... The benchmark is Osoyoos who have 78, go ahead slash my hands or better still start a fight and be aggressive...

Rider goalie Broc Merkl got his first start with the Ghostriders against BV and came up with a huge 6-4 win against the reigning KIJHL Champions who fired 44 shots at him.

The next night everyone thought Merkl would get the start but it was Zak Larson’s turn (plus Coach Mohr said he had some family in town) and he showed everyone that he’s also in the running for the #1 spot with a a 4-3 win against the Rebels who fired 41 shots at him.

GM Craig Mohr is in a good spot with a couple of goalies fighting it out for the #1 spot. That is a great thing...IMO 

Ghostrider Notebook -from last weekend  

Keelan Saworski scored three goals and picked up an assist last weekend.
D-man Grayson Neufeld had a goal and four assists the two games. 
Ty Abbott scored two goals and added two assists and leads the team with 7 points in 7 games.
Sixteen year old Ethan Jang, Jace Woodley and Tristan Downe each had a goal and an assist

Ty Abbott 

was the Boston Pizza Player of the Month for September, Grayson Neufeld was the Tim Horton's  Player of the Week and Zak Larson and Broc Merkl were both named as the McDonald's Practice Players of the Week.

Practice player don't mean all that much to the fans, but the coaches love that one.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Fernie, Kimberley and the Rockies win

Castlegar 3 @ Fernie 4

In Fernie Keelan Saworski's second goal at 6:50 of the third period turned out to be the game winner giving the Riders their third win in a row. 
Defensemen Grayson Neufeld was the Riders player of the game with 3 assists and Zak Larson had the win in net.

Ed Lindsey had a goal and an assist for the Rebels and was their player of the game.

The shots were 41-23 CR
PP's CR 1-3 FG 1-3
Att 420

Golden 0 @ Kimberley 5

In Kimberley Brant Mack and Brock Palmer each had 2 goals and Cody Campbell had the shutout giving the 1st place Nitro's their third win in a row and 12th point.
Shots 38-20 KD 

Spokane 4 @ Columbia Valley 5 OT

In Invermere Chase Hawkins scored in OT to give the Rockies their 6th point of the young season. The Rockies out shot Spokane 50-23 and had 1 PP goal as well. Ben Kelsch had the win in net.

No results for Creston- Nelson yet.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Riders get a big win, Kimberley wins Rockies Cats tie

Beaver Valley 4 @ Fernie 6

In Fernie the Riders Ty Abbott  was named as the Player of the Game after  he scored shorthanded and picked up a pair of assists helping the Riders get their second win of the year under their belts... against the Nitehawks no less.

The Hawks had the Riders hemmed in their end for seemingly endless periods of time during the game and for  about ten minutes at the start the third it was really one sided... until Jace Woodley tipped in a beauty that gave the young Riders a 6-3 lead. After that the Riders more or less had equal territory and were able to finish out the game with a W.

 Broc Merkl was really good in net and got his first win as a Ghostrider. You could make the argument that he could have been named as the POG as well.

Grayson Neufeld scored the Riders first goal and had an assist and Keelan Saworski also had a goal and an assist.

Kevin Pierce scored his first of the season with a big shot from the point area.

Ethan Jang caught a goalie out for a stroll in the second and picked up his 2nd on the season.

The shots were 44-31 BV
PP's FG 1-4 BV 1-6
Both teams scored shorthanded. Abbott and BV's Fuller (2G)

A few big hits, Derek Green certainly surprised a couple  of guys.

Overall, the Riders got a couple of lucky goals but BV scored one that Merkl actually caught according to the players and the animated goal judge...

521 at the game, nice crowd considering the boys have another home game Saturday.

Castlegar 2 @ Kimberley 3

In Kimberley Devon Langelaar scored the GW on the PP, the Nitro's second PP G and Chase Gedny had a goal and 2 A giving Kimberley their 10 point and 5th win. Cody Campbell had the win in net.

The Rebels are here in Fernie Saturday.

Columbia Valley 4 @ Creston 4

In Creston the Rockies fresh off a 6-2 win against Kimberley scored with 1:22 left in the third for the 4-4 tie.
Josh Antunes had 2G 1 a and Ben Kelsch was in net.

Four Thunder Cats scored and Jason MacLean was in net.

Shots 40-35 Creston
PP's Rockies 2-5 Creston 0- 3

The Rockies are 1 point behind Fernie but have played 1 more game.

Spokane 3 @ Golden 1

In Golden Paxton Malone scored two third period goals (1 EN ) for the Spokane win. Both goalies were the POG's SB Dilauro, and GR Whitbread

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Riders win home opener

The Ghostriders earned their first win of the young season Friday night with a 4-3 win over the improved from last season Golden Rockets. They now have a 1-3-0-1 record but have only played 1 home game. Things get hectic next weekend with BV and Castlegar here in Fernie Fri and Sat.

The Rockets have been playing teams close this year losing mostly 1 goal games against some good teams and they have a few players who can skate, shoot and seem willing to mix it up a bit. They are alright to watch now, but played in a way that the Riders were never really able to use their new found size to make big hits.

IMO the Riders had a fair edge in play and territory but couldn't always score on the chances they had, plus they tried to pass way too much and missed the net lots wasting good opportunities... All correctable problems. 

The Riders also played a decent defensive game with no costly breakaways like they surrendered in their previous games... the coaching is working.

Zak Larson didn't have to be great in net for most of the game but came up huge late in the third when the Rockets generated some great chances that would have tied the game. GR goalie Colton Iwaschuk was their player of the game.

Mitch Titus was the Riders POG with 2 SH goals  and a PP goal.

Rookie D Greg Susinski scored his first goal and was the "Hardest worker" Friday... tall long reach and can skate and shoot, a great signing who will be fun to watch develop in the next few months. 

Some other firsts, 16 year old Ethan Jang scored his first Jr goal in Nelson, as did 18 year old Jordon Kromm

Goaltender Brandon Youngson has left the team for personal reasons... don't try and read between the lines here, he was not sent home or cut.

Broc Merkl was in the Riders camp but they already had two experienced goalies so coach Mohr sent him to Kimberley where he played 1 game and made 33 saves giving the Nitro's a 2-1 win in Nelson. Then Cody Campbell came back from a Jr A camp...

It was not on the game sheet but the Riders had 680 fans at their home opener. Sold a few brewskis as well according to the pyramids. No Sahara desert here.

No Rider game today next home games Friday and Saturday vs BV and the Rebels.

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Eddie Mountain Div Friday Sept 22

Click the scores for the full game summary

Golden 3 @ Fernie 4

In Fernie the Ghostriders Mitch Titus scored Fernie's first goal, then last goal SH plus a SH goal in between for the Riders first win on the season.
Ryan Partaker had both Rocket goals and Colton Iwaschuk was the Rocket player of the game with 31 saves.

Zak Larson had the win in net and 680 fans were in attendance.
Shots 36-25 Fernie
PP GR 2-5 FG 1-7

Kimberley 2 @ Columbia Valley 6

In Invermere, the Rockies scored first and held the lead all game. Six Rockies scored and Ben Kelsch got the win in net for the Rockies first win of the year.

Shots 39-40 KD
PP KD 0-8 CVR 2-8
Att 352

Beaver Valley 3 @ Creston 4 OT

In Creston Connor Monaghan scored in overtime and Noah Giesbrecht had the win in net for Creston's 3rd win of the year.
Aidan Browell's 2 PP goals got the Hawks to overtime and a point on the night.
Shots 28-29 BV
PP BV 2-6 CVT 0-5
Att 243

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Card Games and the Dew-wars

The Hockey Canada electronic carding fiasco  has reared it's ugly head again this year. The electronic system allows GM's to sign a player without the player knowing anything about it and this opens up the door to corruption.

In the old days a player had to actually sign his player card, so he always knew if he was carded. That didn't mean it was perfect, most GM's went at least to kindergarten so they knew what erasers were used for - report cards and player cards.

Anyway, again this year we we are hearing stories about  players who are unknowingly signed then have their rights  sold to another team.

And we're hearing about players who signed the ridiculous commitment letters in April and May only to find out that they have to get released to play at the next level because they were signed months later without being notified. As predicted in an older post here. We will remind all the young players of this scam again in the Spring.

This is all positive stuff designed to foster Hockey Canada's Mission Statement "Lead,Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences" ... just like the 30 day suspension Jr A teams can levy against players who get traded across the country then refuse to report does. 

HOCKEY CANADA FIX YOUR CARDING SYSTEM -make the players sign the cards again !!!

In other news...

The KIJHL voted not to expand to Quesnel and Williams Lake. The main push for expansion north was Kamloops GM Barry Dewar

He didn't get expansion and he can't move there under KIJHL rules so a pissed off Dewar is considering selling his team to Kamloops Minor Hockey.  That is very interesting and could even  give the KIJHL another couple of years at 20 teams.But expansion will happen or else...

In a wide ranging  interview by Marty Hastings (that you can read here)  on the "Kamloops This Week" website Dewar let it be known that he still wants expansion and wants it so badly that he even tried but failed to form his own league with several defecting KIJHL teams in tow. 

After the expansion was turned down Dewar brought in  Matt Kolle (he was the guy heading up Quesnel's expansion bid)  as an assistant GM, to sort of desensitize the other KIJHL Governors and get them used to having him around... Because it really is just a matter of time, they will either join or start their new league.

Read the interview, there are a whole host of questions to be asked, here are just a few.

1/ What business man wants to water down his product ? Maybe he's an environmentalist, the northern player pipeline will now stop at Williams Lake and Quesnel, we won't have to worry here in the south. 

3/ Or does the new league get created just to keep the franchise fee split between 10 instead of 20 teams.

3/He want's a Commissioner to run roughshod over the league like in the BCHL... there will be derisive howls of laughter from this corner when everyone realizes that somewhere around 70 thousand plus is the starting price for a Commissioner then add on  a salary for the secretary as well, not the paltry sum they get away with paying the President and secretary now ... the majority of owners don't even want crossovers because they cost to much. Just wait. 

4/ His new league didn't include the teams from the East and West Kootenays... they have different business models -translation, private vs community owned teams.Good bye small town hockey ?

Dewar is a good hockey man who has run a competitive team that has graduated a ton of players to the next level. He's just frustrated the people of Kamloops don't come out to the games and knows the two expansion teams will be powerful money makers.

He also makes a good point about the Minor Hockey deal going sideways when someday a new president gets elected because he wants a team for his kid. It happens all the time.

Not much more to say on this, we've known all this for a while now, but it was never really out there, but now that it is we're telling you about it.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Coach Mohr Makes some moves

The Ghostriders will play their home opener this Friday night against the Golden Rockets.

After a  brutal weekend (12-3 L in Nelson and a 6-2 L in Spokane) and a OT loss and 6-0 loss  the week before you just knew something had to happen...and it did. Head Coach and GM Craig Mohr moved three skaters out and got two back in but is sticking with his goalies Zak Larson and Brandon Youngson saying the bad weekend wasn't really their fault, we need to work on the defensive part of the game is more or less what he said on the phone Monday afternoon.

So here it is  D  Jon Wick went to Spokane,(Wick is an American so Spokane will probably be a good location for him) then F Chase Gregory went to Fort St. John of the NWAL (A JR B league in northern Alberta) and D Jordan Popoff is off to Golden.

 Also local forward Chase Rayman was released but he will be affiliated for the remainder of the season, and with the injuries these guys get Rayman is sure to get his share of games.

So moving two defensemen out means someone has to come back in so Mohr bought the rights to Grayson Neufeld who was in Grand Forks last year and was in Yorkton's camp (SJHL) for the last week or so. 

Neufeld is a 97 ... making Jr A at 20 is a tough go and by the time he was let go the Bruins already had their 5 twenties so GM Emery Olauson got together with Mohr and made the cash deal. That gives the Ghostriders 4 20's, they still have room for one more. 

I can tell you that Coach Mohr was very excited to get the 
5'11" 215 pound  Neufeld in a Ghostrider uniform saying that when they played the Bruins last year even his players said  was  very good and hard to play against. 

Mohr was just as happy to get Keelan Saworski back from the SJHL  as well.Saworski played the last part of the season with the Riders and was a great all around winger who can also fit in seamlessly on the blue line if injuries call for it . 

Kimberley is on top of the division right now... but the team I'm most curious about is Creston, they had 51-47- and 51 shots in their first three games. The Riders don't play them or Kimberley here inFernie until December.

The Golden Rockets are in town Friday for the Riders home opener. The Rockets have a 1-2-1 record. It's actually better than Fernie right now...but their 1 win was against Castlegar and it was awarded to them when it was discovered that the Rebels had used an ineligible player. They actually lost 5-4. The Rocket’s tie was against Spokane in Spokane.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Saturday Sept 16 the Eddie Mountain breakdown

Click on the scores for the full game summaries

Fernie 2 @ Spokane 6

In Spokane the Braves scored 3 in the first then cruised  to a 6-3 win over the Riders. Kyle Donaldson scored 2 goals and Trevor Dilauro had the win in net. 
Shots 42-42 and both teams went 0-5 on the PP

Columbia Valley 3 @ Nelson 3

In Nelson the Leafs scored 2 late goals to tie the game at 3.
The Rockies goalie Ken Kelsch was their POG. The shots were 52-21 Nelson. Jackson Zimmerman had 2G for NL.

Golden 2 @ Grand Forks 4

In Grand Forks the Bruins went 2-6 on the PP and scored 3 in the third for the home ice win vs the Rockets. Reese Tambellini scored the GW short handed.
A fairly hard fought game and the shots were 34-26 GFBB

Kimberley 6 @ Beaver Valley 4

In Beaver Valley the Nitro's surprised BV with a 6-4 win. Kimberley scored 3 in the first then held the lead all game.
Chase Gedny scored 2 goals 1 SH and the other was  the game winner.
The shots were 46-31 BV and G Cody Campbell was KD's POG

Friday, 15 September 2017

Friday Sept 15th in the Eddie Mountain Division

Click the scores for the game sheets

Fernie 3 @ Nelson 12

In Nelson the Leafs scored early and often blasting the Riders 12 -3 at home in front of 264 fans.
Ryan Cooper led the charge with 2G 3A and Josh Williams stopped 28 for the win in net.

Columbia Valley 3 @ Castlegar 9 

In Castlegar the Rockies scored the first goal then tied the game in the second at 3 before the Rebels took over the game sheet.
Brady Daniels, Shawn Campbell and John Moller each had 4 points in a fairly hard fought (PIM) game featuring the CR going 1-11 and CVR going 2-10 on the PP

Att 200 Shots 44-34 CR

Creston 3 @ Grand Forks 2 

In Grand Forks the Thundercat's Carson Small scored with just 2:32 left in the third for the road win. Darby Berg scored the other Cat goals. The shots were 51-23 CVT and 353 fans watched the game. 

Golden 2 @ Spokane 2 

In Spokane Cody Loucks tied the game mid third giving the Rockets a point on the road. Golden also outshot the Braves 43-35
Lots of minor PIM with the GR going 0-12 and SB 0-11 on the PP.

In other games of note...100 Mile beat Sicamous 6-0, the Eagles only had 12 skaters listed... Isn't 12 illegal this year?
Kelowna got a 4-3 W in Princeton with a few PIM who knew

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ghost stories Sept 13th and a few other things

The Ghostriders will play in Nelson this Friday then go to Spokane on Saturday.

In Nelson (a radio broadcast game on 99.1 the Drive) they will face the Leafs who won 1-0 vs Beaver Valley last Friday, although Josh Williams had to stop over 50 shots for the W. Nelson then lost 2-1 to Kimberley last Saturday but did manage to outshoot the Nitro's.

It could prove to be a test for the younger Riders who Coach Craig Mohr says- need to work on some positional play this week in practice.

In Spokane they will face a team that just like the Riders lost in OT in Grand Forks last weekend. This one is not a scheduled radio game.

Kimberley just got back goalie Cody Campbell from  Jr A, last year he pushed the Nitro's past Fernie and Creston then put a scare into the KIJHL Champions from Beaver Valley but lost in 5 games...in a best of 5.

The Riders just got smooth skating D man Tristan Downe  back from Nipawn in the SJHL. Downe was injured and missed most of the first part of last season and took a while to get his game back, but was effective when he did.  Mohr says  the 19 year old is a little thicker this year as well. Welcome back Tristan.

Both local skaters Cory Caldwell and Jake Beranek are out with injuries, Beranek is voted the most likely to return but it may take a couple of weeks. 

 Zak Larson was the Player of the Game in Grand Forks .  Brandon Youngson played well according to the radio and Coach Mohr in BV despite the lopsided loss. Coach says the boys missed 4 breakaways... could have maybe changed things a bit.

The Castlegar Rebels are the first team this year to lose points for using an ineligible player and the Golden Rockets were the recipients despite a 5-4 loss last Friday. We'll give Reb's HC Bill Rotheisier a mulligan for the first one, but the standup comedian will be back on line if it happens again...

The Riders were treading water in BV last Saturday when McCarthy Manyfingers took 29 PIM in the same stoppage of play. The Riders went on to lose 6-0...Say what you will but I think it's it great to have that kind of wildcard in the lineup again. Remembering Josh Kluck

If you really follow this stuff you will know that this is the understatement of the year...Quesnel's KIJHL expansion bid is still in play.... and Kamloops GM Barry Dewar is the helmsman. Read that story HERE while Remembering that in the Spring Dewar was interviewed and said the attendance was so bad he may not even be able to rehire Coach ED Patterson again... but he did anyway. I'm betting attendance will be much better in Quesnel...and Williams Lake.....and...

Home opener Friday Sept 22 vs Golden

A cool interview with Rider "C" Mitch Titus